Lockgate Capital


Lockgate Capital is the leading direct lender specializing in funding new construction and ground-up construction projects.

New Construction Loans

Ready to break ground on a new build? Don’t let your project stall waiting for bank approval. Partner with Lockgate Capital and experience the fastest close in the industry with same-day draws, allowing you to focus on building your future.

Fast Close

Enjoy the fastest close in the industry and start work immediately.

Aggressive Leverage

Maximize your funds by borrowing up to 100% of construction costs.

Same-Day Draws

We know you need your draws fast, so how about same day? Our draws are the fastest in the industry. Try us out and you’ll see!

Common-Sense Underwriting

Our personalized customer service and knowledgeable underwriting will ensure that you get funding tailored to your needs.

Loan Types:

Vertical Construction

Property Types:

Residential, Multifamily, Mixed-Use

Loan Amounts:

$75,000 to $10,000,000

Experience Requirement:

Two comparable projects completed within the last 3 years


Up to 70% (completed value)

Minimum FICO Score:

680 (lower scores accepted on an exception basis)

Term Length:

12 to 24 months

Borrow up to 100% of your construction costs

No prepayment penalty