Lockgate Capital


The leading direct lender specializing in funding projects based
on DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) criteria.

DSCR Rental & Portfolio Loans

Build your DSCR  portfolio and leverage our funds with our long-term rental financing! There’s no income verification or DTI calculation, which means our funding allows you to scale your rental portfolio without the red tape!

Best Rates

Maximize your portfolio and your cash flow with our competitive rates.

No Income Verification

Avoid time-consuming income verification and DTI calculation.

All Project Types

Whether you’re purchasing or refinancing, a DSCR loan may be for you. We lend on different asset types including single families, multi-units and portfolios. Send us your scenario, and we’ll let you know if a how we can assist you in financing your property.


Enjoy our industry-leading leverage so you can keep the most cash in your pocket. Whether you’re purchasing or refinancing, tap into the equity you deserve!

Loan Types:

Purchase, Rate and Term Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance

Property Types:

Residential, Multifamily

Loan Amounts:

$75,000 to $10,000,000

Loan-to-Purchase Price:

Up to 80%

Minimum FICO Score:

680 (lower scores accepted on an exception basis)

Term Length:

30 Year Fixed

No DTI Calculation

No Tax Returns or Income Verification Needed

Portfolio Loans Available